Treatment Protocols

At Zychem Technologies, we don’t just sell you a product and wave goodbye. We are committed to assisting our customers find the right product within our wide range. And we’re willing to spend a moment or many moments in fact to be sure we understand your unique challenges – It’s never a one size fits all.

Plus the combined expertise of our in house Team means you’ll be speaking to the most experienced operators and distributers of chlorine dioxide in the country. We also like to think we’re the most passionate.

We even have our own in-house water testing facilities in case you need feedback on the integrity of your current system – Often times a perfect starting point to understanding your commercial needs.

At Zychem we would consider it a great outcome if a solution we provide, ultimately saves you time, and money. And increases yield and output.

And importantly, you can sport an environmental smile when you choose chlorine dioxide to solve your water, air or odour issue as it’s100% biodegradable and environmentally friendly.

A typical consultation process generally includes:

Information gathering, either through checklists, phone calls or site visits. The length of this is wholly dependent on the complexity of the site

Additional testing – if more information is required on water quality

Secondary site visit with machinery supplier – only required occasionally for complex sites

Recommendation of system/process from Zychem Technologies with quote

Quote accepted

Product/equipment supplied

Customer arranges date for installation

Zychem to commission installation