Clo2 Testing

We stock photometers, reagents and test strips for chlorine dioxide testing needs. We can also complete a range of testing in our in-house laboratory.


Testing for optimal levels of chlorine dioxide (ClO2) in your preferred application can be conducted using simple, on-site testing kits which deliver immediate results.

Our Chlorine Dioxide Test Kits are the ideal solution. We pride ourselves in keeping a high level of Test Kits in stock and on-passing the most competitive prices to our customers – meeting all your Cl02 needs in one place.

Standard High Range ClO2 Test Strips are also held in stock for larger commercial testing.


Spore Strips are a means of confirming the effectiveness of chlorine dioxide (ClO2) gas treatments.

We regularly stock this item for customer convenience. To explore Zychem’s patented chlorine dioxide gas treatment option, see Gas Disinfection Tab


In certain applications, testing for chlorine dioxide levels in water treatment outcomes can be measured with a Photometer.

As a companion service to the water treatment products we sell, Zychem also stocks the Exact Photometer Kit.

This Kit contains

Contains a customised photometer reader capable of reading not only chlorine dioxide levels, but other parameters including chlorine, hydrogen peroxide, and pH to name a few.

Contains manufacturer’s paper test strips designed to be used with the Photometer. Handy refills available as required.

Carries a 2 year Manufacturer’s Warranty. Suitable for both domestic and commercial testing.

For video instructions on using the Exact Photometer, head to our YouTube Channel


Zychem also stocks conventional High Range Chlorine Dioxide Test Strips which are an easy-to-use dip and read strip.


Zychem stocks small bottles of Sodium Thiosulphate powder to neutralise ClO2 in solution for clients when required.