Poultry Farming

Zychem Technologies has multiple chlorine dioxide based products in wide use in poultry farms throughout Australasia.

We offer today’s poultry farmer cost effective and science backed solutions for

safe animal drinking water on par with human drinking water standards,

bird health and hygiene

and the complex hygiene issues associated with poultry food processing.

ZyDox® by Zychem Technologies products come with APVMA (Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority) approval.

Poultry Drinking Water

Modern poultry farming is heavily influenced by what is called optimal feed conversion rate (FCR). Research has highlighted that water is the single most important impact variable affecting positive conversion rates for broilers.

If the birds don’t drink enough water, weight gain will be slow. And, if the water doesn’t taste good, they won’t drink it.

Dissolved metals like iron and manganese in the water can give a bitter taste and off odour which decreases consumption by the birds. Signs of this can be birds fussing around the drinkers or wet litter under the drinkers. These dissolved metals also increase the likelihood of biofilm forming in drinking lines – harbouring bacteria and other pathogens. Biofilm formation in drinking pipework is also a contributory factor to blocked drinkers.

This is why the Poultry sector, including duck, turkey, and chicken farmers, is one of the fastest agricultural sectors adopting chlorine dioxide for water treatment protocols – The same product approved for human drinking water consumption.

It is a strong industry forecast that chlorine dioxide water treatment approaches will overtake outdated chlorine practices completely.

Treatment of drinking water with chlorine dioxide is proven to reduce pathogens, eliminate biofilm, improve taste, improve gut health, reduce morbidity and mortality and improve feed conversion rate.

No more blocked drinkers or fussing around the drinkers.

Suitable Shock Dose Treatments for contaminated water supplies. In a poultry farm setting, contaminated water supplies can easily escalate as birds share the same water dispensary units.

With a range of specialised products including ZyDox®, DiPerox or ExStinkt, we can treat dam and bore water as well as potable and rainwater supplies.

Every farm site is different. That’s why we offer dispensing solutions that are flexible – Basic and manual right up to fully automated and controlled systems.

Not sure if your water is up to scratch? That’s ok. We offer our clients water testing using our inhouse water testing facilities so that we can help you assess onsite water quality.

Bird Health & Hygiene

Zychem has innovative product classes for distress situations in the poultry industry such as outbreaks of Aspergillus or Salmonella. Such outbreaks can escalate rapidly if not treated with urgency and experience.

Solutions to treat chicken house for optimal bird health.

Solutions to treat common bird respiratory diseases prone as reported by users.

Solutions to disinfecting hatcheries to prevent food spoiling and bacteria outbreaks.

Solutions for reducing ammonia as a chlorine dioxide residual in the drinking water improves its taste which reduces water spillage at the drinkers. Less water spillage means litter stays dry. Chlorine dioxide can effectively destroy ammonia forming bacteria.

Solutions for controlling cage moisture content.

APVMA approvals

Food Processing Hygiene Compliance

Poultry and egg consumption is governed by strict standards of food safety and hygiene as per the Australian New Zealand Food Standards Code & current Food Safety Laws.

Zychem’s range of customised products, utilizing the trusted science of chlorine dioxide, offers industry approved solutions for all Food safety aspects of the food chain process – from paddock to plate.

Why You Will Want To Use Zychem Technologies to Address All Your Sanitation Needs

We Innovate

If the right solution doesn’t exist, we’ll create it! Zychem has a long history of innovation and has developed a number of patented solutions to meet client needs, including proprietary gas infusion technology that has been used for more than 10 years. In addition, we have exclusively specialised chemical solutions.

We Are Problem Solvers

We look at your site holistically to help solve problems in the most cost effective way. Often, chemical remediation is only part of the solution. That’s why Zychem’s experienced personnel are armed with aeration, filtration and mechanical expertise to provide a comprehensive approach to each site’s particular problem.

We Have The Experience

As well as Zychem’s 25+ years of experience, we have an extensive network of skilled consultants throughout Australasia and the world who we regularly call upon to address a wide range of solutions. When you work with us you get access to wide ranging expertise.

Global Suppliers

Although headquartered in Australia, Zychem’s products are supplied widely throughout New Zealand, the Pacific Islands, Papua New Guinea, Indonesia and Malaysia.

Cost Effective Solutions

As the largest chlorine dioxide company in Australasia, we are able to consistently provide you with the most cost effective solutions to whatever your problems are.

We Are Chlorine Dioxide Specialists

We are the only chlorine dioxide specialists that supply all forms of chlorine dioxide whether that be; liquid, gas, tablet, powder or gel. Each method serves a specific purpose, meaning Zychem can achieve the optimum application every time.

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