Zydosan Range

Three different blends all harnessing the power of chlorine dioxide for hard surface cleaning, odour control and stain removal.

Our Zydosan Range is next-gen in hard surface cleaning, odour control and stain removal. Harnessing the oxidizing superpower of chlorine dioxide (ClO2), which not only cleans but disinfects Zydosan is a superior choice for companies looking to achieve high grade
commercial cleaning standards as THE new everyday normal – A new benchmark to offer workers, customers and regulatory bodies the assurances of a germfree environment.

This superior cleaning technology isn’t about packaging higher concentrations of old cleaning chemicals either like some competitors. Rather our Zydosan Range taps the latest in molecular science – Offering a superior product that biodegrades after use. If your cleaning product can’t offer this, it’s time to switch.

The Zydosan range is a Quaternary Ammonia and Chlorine Dioxide blended formula that easily outperforms everything in its product class in outcomes and price.

100% Readily biodegradable, non-hazardous & oxidative formula – a smart replacement for chlorine and other acid-based cleaning products

Non-flammable, phosphate free, no harsh chemicals


Odour eliminating

No perfumed masking agents

Assists air quality outcomes

Environmentally friendly

Non-corrosive on equipment and hard surfaces

Obliterates bacteria and other harmful agents such as Staph, Salmonella, and E Coli at their source

Available in both foaming and non-foaming applications

All products in the Zydosan Plus range are sold as concentrates in 20L and 200L drums or 1,000L IBCs, apart from SR which is sold in 5L and 20L containers. Please note that Zydosan Plus products are incompatible with latex. Caution should be used on organic surfaces such as wool as bleaching may occur.

Zydosan Plus AS (aerosol and atomised spray)

Zydosan Plus AS is a uniquely targeted product within the Zydosan range able to be dispensed via aerosol and atomised applications.

This means the cleaning and disinfection reach of our proprietary formula can be extended to commercial settings that would otherwise be deemed hard to access. Designed for odour control, odour neutralisation and disinfection in

large commercial spaces

animal holding yards

poultry tunnel sheds

poultry brood barns

factory processing areas

and anaerobic waste holding ponds

And because it contains no harmful chemicals or residue, it is completely safe to use around animals and humans.

  • A popular choice throughout farms and factories in Australia and New Zealand
  • Has multiple MPI (Minister of Primary Industries) Approvals in New Zealand.

Zychem Technologies is happy to assist you in determining if this product is the right match for your operational needs.

Zydosan Plus HS (Hard Surface)

Zydosan Plus HS is one of the most versatile and broad-spectrum products within Zychem Technology’s range – A solution which cleans, disinfects, obliterates germs and other nasties. And yet all whilst sporting the tag of an environmentally sensitive agent.

This is the science of chlorine dioxide at its best – A highly selective oxidizer that is affordable, biodegradable but deathly to microbes which threaten hygiene in all commercial operations.

Notably, Zydosan Plus HS is a highly preferred and tailored cleaning and disinfection product for the commercial food and food processing sectors.

Odourless, non-corrosive and totally biodegradable, it is effective at breaking down proteins, fats, grease and blood.

This makes it a hard-working and environmentally sensitive substitute for harsh acids, alkalises and chlorine-based chemicals which may corrode glass, stainless steel, plastic pipework and other surfaces.

Zydosan Plus HS is typically used as a spray, foam and general surface cleaner for areas such as

food processing areas

cool rooms

conveyor belts


poultry sheds

On food equipment with CIP sanitizing requirements or machinery with difficult cleaning access.

As a crate wash in poultry and horticultural applications

A safe and effective truck wash

Zydosan Plus HS is widely used in the meat processing industry in New Zealand where it holds multiple MPI approvals

Zydosan Plus SR (stain removal)

Zydosan Plus SR is the newest member to the Zydosan Plus range and has been developed exclusively to remove odour and stains from mattresses and carpets. This unique formula breaks down offenders at a molecular level. This is achieved without perfumed masking agents. As it is used as a leave-on sanitiser, it could not be simpler. Just spray and leave. And stains disappear.

This product has been tested on a range of organic stains including human and animal bodily fluids (urine, faeces, vomit and blood), wine, orange juice, milk and coffee. Most effective when used on fresh stains but success can still be achieved on older stains with
repeated treatments. Because this formula employs the oxidative qualities of chlorine dioxide, odour causing bacteria and stain particles are neutralised at their source.

This product is a must have to the tourism and accommodation sector, and real estate rental management.