Quazyme is a unique food safe enzyme blend for cleaning biofilm from the inside of pipes.

The Biofilm Buster

Exclusive to Zychem Industries, Quazyme is a unique food grade enzyme solution that combats biofilm – the slimy and bacteria laden build up that occurs in pipework, and water storage units. Left untreated, biofilm can create a toxic haven for parasites, insect larvae and all forms of bacteria. And dangerously impact water quality, odour, taste and water flow rates.

Treatment of water sources without the simultaneous treatment of pipework that almost certainly contains biofilm is fantastically counterproductive.

This is why we obtained the exclusive rights to Quazyme – a hard working but easy to use companion to our other water purification products.

Quazyme is suitable for a variety of applications including

swimming pools


livestock drinking lines

and horticultural irrigation lines.

After treatment, you will experience improved water quality, odour and taste.

In-house efficacy testing showed a 6.6 log reduction in E.coli colony forming units per 100ml (CFU/100ml) achieved using Quazyme at a dose rate of 1:500 with a contact time of 100 minutes.

Optimal usage of Quazyme is for shock dosing water lines and pipework at intervals throughout the year. And can be used in conjunction with our other water disinfection and maintenance products.

Product is available in 250ml bottles and used at dose rates as small as 125ml/200L water. This means the product can be used for both small and larger considerations.