Aerators and Filters

The correct aeration and filtration system can reduce your chemical usage saving you money.

Zychem Technologies are Australia’s largest distributors of chlorine dioxide products with a customised product range to suit all commercial and domestic applications.

Our service is customised too. We are happy to advise on which products are best suited for the job. And we also stock the best companion products that work alongside chlorine dioxide applications including Aerators and Test Kits (hyperlink Test Kits).

Sometimes the simple addition of an Aerator will reduce the overall amount of chemical needed to reach maximum efficiency.


Aeration helps to oxidise iron and manganese that is present in water. Both compounds increase the rate at which Biofilm forms. Biofilm is a slimy build up that occurs in water and water pipes and can subsequently and significantly degrade water quality. Over time, biofilm build up will even cause loss of line pressure and blockages.

When Biofilm is present in a water supply, larger amounts of chemical are typically needed for eradication. So, it reasons that if iron and manganese are removed earlier in the water treatment protocol through aeration, less product is needed for overall water purification methods.

Zychem recommends Aqua and Co ECO Static Aerators and Force7, 240 & 415 volt units. Please contact us to determine if this is an appropriate addition to your needs.


Zychem is pleased to introduce AMIAD filters to our diverse product range of chlorine dioxide options and companion dosing, testing and dispensing equipment.

AMIAD’s Mini Sigma filter is a superior option for your onsite filtration needs to remove sediment and conduct auto backwashing. Its self-cleaning technology is superior to traditional sand and bag filtering. It backwashes in seconds meaning water flow isn’t disrupted either. Further, this unit is compact, lightweight, durable, and easy to install and operate.