Gas Disinfection

Zychem Technologies has multiple delivery methods to achieve commercial scale disinfection and mould treatment in confined spaces or hard to clean environments.

This includes our exclusive and patented GITA (Gas Infusion Technology Apparatus) – specially designed and built to dispense the disinfecting and oxidative qualities of chlorine dioxide in a convenient gas form.

Zychem is unique in that it is the only chlorine dioxide provider in Australia to offer ClO2 in gas form.

This is a ground-breaking application for commercial environments where EVERY surface area (from floor to ceiling) requires cleaning, disinfection or biosecurity defence – BUT with minimal shut down time and disruption to the space.

And for environments where Before and After air quality testing must be done within hours of the treatment to achieve compliance status.

Because chlorine dioxide gas biodegrades after application, the after effects of treatment offers clear Workplace Health and Safety factors – Traditional gassing methods using chlorine or formaldehydes are known to carry toxic and lingering after effects which extend shut down times.

Widely used to disinfect food production facilities and factories including fruit and vegetable processing plants, dairy and poultry processing plants, cool rooms and storage areas – leaving behind no chemical trace or pungent masking agents.

Popular for mushroom farming, poultry grow out sheds, poultry hatcheries and egg storage rooms which are subject to stringent food safety compliance codes.

Ideal for public spaces subject to disease outbreaks including gymnasiums, childcare centres, aged care & medical facilities.

Widely used in high-risk biosecurity settings such as laboratories, hospitals and tertiary research and laboratory facilities.

Accepted by the medical and veterinary professions as a sterilant gas for the sterilization of medical devices, equipment and storage.

Also popular as a one-off remediation treatment for smoke or mould affected houses, apartments, offices, rental accommodation, poultry sheds, meth contaminated buildings and flood affected premises that are subsequently diagnosed as “sick houses” overrun with mould spores and other bacteria.

Excellent preventative treatment in environments such as museums and libraries which are often subject to dust and mould which contain deteriorate the items being housed.

Chlorine Dioxide Gas infusion treatments first came to industry recognition after the approach was successfully used by the USEPA to disinfect the Hart Senate Office building in 2001 during the much-publicised anthrax scare in the USA.

It was then widely used in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans to decontaminate multi story hospitals and homes seriously affected by mould infestation. Successful outcomes in these test cases were the precursor for enormous industry uptake thereafter. And led to the treatment being singled out by the American Academy of Sciences and recommended as the new “standard for building decontamination” in the fight against mould but also a large range of bacteria and other pathogens.

Zychem Industries’ patented GITA machine was developed to meet the standards and compliance issues of the local Australasian market. The gassing technology taps the powerful oxidative science of Chlorine Dioxide, approved by the World Health Organisation when used as directed. For gassing applications, the approach uses a Mix on Site product.

Why You Will Want To Use Zychem Technologies to Address All Your Sanitation Needs

We Innovate

If the right solution doesn’t exist, we’ll create it! Zychem has a long history of innovation and has developed a number of patented solutions to meet client needs, including proprietary gas infusion technology that has been used for more than 10 years. In addition, we have exclusively specialised chemical solutions.

We Are Problem Solvers

We look at your site holistically to help solve problems in the most cost effective way. Often, chemical remediation is only part of the solution. That’s why Zychem’s experienced personnel are armed with aeration, filtration and mechanical expertise to provide a comprehensive approach to each site’s particular problem.

We Have The Experience

As well as Zychem’s 25+ years of experience, we have an extensive network of skilled consultants throughout Australasia and the world who we regularly call upon to address a wide range of solutions. When you work with us you get access to wide ranging expertise.

Global Suppliers

Although headquartered in Australia, Zychem’s products are supplied widely throughout New Zealand, the Pacific Islands, Papua New Guinea, Indonesia and Malaysia.

Cost Effective Solutions

As the largest chlorine dioxide company in Australasia, we are able to consistently provide you with the most cost effective solutions to whatever your problems are.

We Are Chlorine Dioxide Specialists

We are the only chlorine dioxide specialists that supply all forms of chlorine dioxide whether that be; liquid, gas, tablet, powder or gel. Each method serves a specific purpose, meaning Zychem can achieve the optimum application every time.

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