Our unique Auto-fill Dispensing System.

From fully automated batching and dispensing systems to simple to use manual systems we can design the solution right for you.

Zychem Technologies are Australasia’s largest distributors of chlorine dioxide (ClO2) products. We have a customised product range to suit all commercial and domestic applications.

We are also at the forefront in efficient delivery systems (both manual and automated) for our clients who range from small scale farming and agricultural/ horticultural concerns to large mining sites and seafood farms.

Zychem’s trained staff and site experts are available to consult on a dispensing system most suited to your site.

Our service extends to

providing site assessment

technical set-up assistance to your in-house team

and staff training for ongoing inhouse management

Zychem provides ongoing support for all its installations including


spare part replacement

and over the phone/onsite technical assistance where required


We work with some of the world’s leading manufacturers to provide Dosing Pumps designed to conveniently assist chlorine dioxide applications for commercial water sanitation.

The size and exact model is site dependent and impacted by other local variables.

Please note we are a preferred Australian stockist for the Italian brand Aqua Dosage and carry a range of Spare Parts for this brand.

In selecting an inhouse dosage system we understand that you’ll want to keep it simple and regulated which is why we source dosing equipment that is the equivalent of plug and play with minimal fuss. But if you ever have issues, we’re a phone call away.

ZYDOSER – Unique Auto-fill Zydox Batching System

The Zydoser is a unique batching system that provides an automated system for maintaining a stock solution. The system primarily includes 2 pumps and a controller. These pumps draw Zydox and Hydrochloric acid 9% from their respective drums in the required volumes and deliver the chemicals to a batch tank where dilution water is added automatically via a solenoid valve. The system runs off level switches meaning that you will never run out of chlorine dioxide solution. The system can be adjusted to provide the optimal concentration for each site. Monitoring for optimal concentration levels can be achieved with our Test KITS.


Our manual chlorine dioxide delivery system is aimed at smaller farms, or farms where there are sufficient staff on hand to monitor and complete the refilling process. A simple setup with a chemical drum that ranges in size from 200L to 1000L depending on volume of water to be treated.

This drum is filled manually with water and 2 powdered chemicals or liquid alternatives whilst wearing PPE. Chemicals react to form chlorine dioxide which is then delivered via the dispensing system. To protect the pump, a level switch is included in this setup which stops the dispensing pump if the solution runs low. This can be connected to an optional strobe light – a handy visual reminder to refill the chemical drum when needed.