Adjunct Products

Zychem Technologies has for more than 20 years been Australasia’s leading supplier of chlorine dioxide (ClO2) products.

It is the only national company to supply chlorine dioxide solutions to industry in ALL available forms including as a liquid, powder and gas.

But we are more than just a chemical distribution company. We pride ourselves in providing systems that solve industry problems relating to


air disinfection &


For this reason, we also offer many companion products and services that work alongside chlorine dioxide applications for greater efficiency and outcome.

This includes competitively priced sodium hypochlorite. In some instances, sodium hypochlorite, or chlorine, is used as a primary sanitiser in a holding tank and chlorine dioxide is used post chlorine treatment to remove the pathogens that chlorine cannot.

Acids and Activators

Zychem Technologies has for over a decade been Australasia’s leading supplier of a diverse range of chlorine dioxide products. We are also innovators in the way chlorine dioxide can be delivered safely and efficiently to commercial sectors to address biosecurity outcomes.

This is why we have a tireless research and development mission dedicated to finding even more efficient means of dispensing biosecurity options to the market. And tapping the latest science has to tell us about how chlorine dioxide might be formed and utilised.

This philosophy has led to the development of an improved formulation of Zydox and the introduction of DiPerox. Both products contain chlorine dioxide precursors, that, when mixed with the appropriate chemicals in the correct concentrations, react to form chlorine dioxide. Unlike competitors who use two part activation systems, ineffective and expensive acids or high concentration and high risk activators, Zychem has methods that are both effective and cost economical. The 2 main products that Zychem Technologies use as activators are our proprietary Zydac Max powder, and 9% Hydrochloric acid.


Zydac Max is a powdered proprietary blend of sulphurous acid, chlorine donor, and persulphate chemicals used as an activator for both Zydox and DiPerox products. Zydac Max provides a high degree of activation for our Zydox and DiPerox products whilst producing an unusually stable activated chlorine dioxide solution. Supplied in 2kg tubs for ease of use or 10kg pails for bulk supply.

Hydrochloric acid 9%

For use exclusively with our automated Zydoser systems, we supply Hydrochloric acid 9% in 20L, 200L and 1000L IBCs.


For use in pH amendment, we can supply Hydrochloric acid 32% in 1000L IBCs delivered to you.