ExStinkt Range

Our ExStinkt range includes, tablets for activated chlorine dioxide solutions, and sachets and gels for chlorine dioxide air treatments.

Zychem Technologies’ ExStinkt range is one of the easiest and most convenient applications to use activated chlorine dioxide (ClO2) – Relied on by industry and governments alike since 1944 in the effective and safe treatment of water and air. In fact, the World Health Organisation (WHO) refers to chlorine dioxide as the most powerful water sanitiser available today.

Available in dissolvable tablet form, gels and powder sachets

Fast acting and clinically proven for purifying drinking water and eradicating undesirable odours

Works as a powerful oxidizing formula – chlorine dioxide is formed when a chlorine ion creates a bond with an oxygen molecule, killing pathogens, mould and bacteria through its electron-rich bonds.


ExStinkt Pure H2O Chlorine Dioxide Tablets rapidly dissolve in water to release chlorine dioxide (ClO2) – a powerful and biodegradable biocide to treat water. Its unique formula is scientifically proven to kill Mould, Biofilm, Bacteria, Fungi, Viruses, Listeria and Parasites including Cryptosporidium and Giardia.

Once placed in water, ExStinkt starts to work immediately – chlorine dioxide is released as the tablet effervescences and dissolves. Its properties also act to improve water quality, purity and taste – Without harsh chemical by-products or taste residue left by chlorinating practices.

Suitable for all human and animal drinking water applications, ClO2 as a safe water treatment protocol has extensive legislative and health organisation approvals globally and within Australia.

ExStinkt Pure H2O Chlorine Dioxide tablets come in 1g, 4g, 20g and 100g sizes – a – versatile number of tablet sizes to offer controlled dosing in ANY volume of water – large and small.

The ExStinkt Tablet range is suitable for treating:

water tanks and water holding units

swimming pools


water sources for poultry and growing sites

onboard boat, plane and caravan water supplies

all water sources used in beverage and medicine production

And water applications in a wide variety of commercial environments


A saviour product when there’s a bad smell hanging around! ExStinkt Accelerator works like nothing else when you are faced with an isolated odour outbreak.

Using the vapour action of chlorine dioxide (ClO2), the gas emitted from our proprietary system targets the very source of malodours and airborne microbes – Something masking agents with perfumes or deodorisers never achieve.

This is possible via the unique science of chlorine dioxide which has the ability to selectively react with organic compounds present in air and water – not just mask their presence.

When used as directed, ExStinkt Accelerator is effective on odours caused from





and typical malodours affecting homes, rental accommodation, vehicles, caravans, marine vessels, rubbish collection points, commercial and residential rubbish chutes & bin rooms, dumpsters, storage facilities & shipping containers, poor air vented spaces and business premises.

It is even effective in the treatment of H2S (hydrogen sulphide) – more commonly referred to as rotten egg gas. Depending on the size of area to be treated, this unique product may even destroy mould present in a confined space.

ExStinkt Accelerator foil pack contains 20gm of unactivated chlorine dioxide (ClO2) precursor powders.

By adding the prescribed amount of water spray, the pack releases 700mg/l of ClO2.

This equates to 50 mg/l in 14m3.

For ongoing air purity treatment options, check out our Odour Kits.


The ExStinkt Odour Sachet is a slow-release deodorising sachet that targets air quality and air borne nasties for up to 30 days depending on humidity levels. The product utilises the inherent odour neutralizing qualities of Chlorine Dioxide (ClO2) as a low emission vapour.

Our exclusive self-activating powder technology kills odour at its source – And yet you’d never know it was hard at work in a room. It contains no heavy deodorants or overpowering fumes – often a regretful by-product of masking agents.

Once activated, the sachet starts to work immediately with exposure to ambient water vapour in air humidity. Applications are effective in confined spaces up to 20 cubic metres depending on humidity.

Proven to work on odours such as

Animal and human wastes

Hydrogen sulphide (often called rotten egg gas)



Cigarette smoke

Spoiled food

Toilet / urinal smells

Damp air environments

Pet enclosures or pet rooms

Storage units and closets

Mercaptans, Thiols & other Organosulphur molecules Organic amines


All the benefits of the ExStinkt Odour Sachet but in a slow-release gel option – an effective and unintrusive way to treat ongoing air quality and unpleasant smells.

This product works by emitting constant low levels of chlorine dioxide vapour gas to kill airborne impurities and odour causing microbes. This keeps the air quality of your indoor spaces safer, healthier and kinder on your nose.

Use as a treatment option for existing issues or as a preventative agent for poor and stale air quality in confined public spaces such as reception areas, nursing & aged care facilities, child care, libraries, gyms, locker room areas, schools, dental surgeries, marine vessels, motor homes, caravans, cars, trucks and cafeterias.

Interestingly, because the key ingredient of our air and odour products is Chlorine Dioxide, testimonial research for preventative outcomes has shown that in work environments the continued use of the ExStinkt air system may help to reduce employee absenteeism by guarding workers against the transmission of cold, flu and disease – This is because chlorine dioxide is known to not only treat odours but kills airborne nasties as well.

Each box includes 2 bottles and 2 sachets. Reduce wastage by using refill sachets. Bottles will last for up to 3 refills if used according to instructions.