Smart operators in the horticultural sector have long enjoyed the quiet fruits of chlorine dioxide for rapid control of bacteria and parasites as well as growing and harvesting diseases.

Zychem’s range of tailored chlorine dioxide-based products are helping to turn the secret into a major hort-innovation – Our customers routinely report a lift in positive yield ratios and crop health when they use chlorine dioxide.

Quality assurance goes hand in hand with our science backed solutions. And quality assurance is a must for primary producers when  they join a trusted retail supply chain.

Relevant products from our range have APVMA (Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority) approval.

The nursery industry fact sheet on water disinfection states:

Chlorine dioxide is highly effective for disinfesting a range of plant pathogens over a broad pH range, up to pH10, and requires only a 3ppm residual for 8 minutes. It is over 10 times more soluble in cold water than chlorine and is a more selective oxidiser than chlorine, not reacting as much to the organic matter, so a lower dosage rate can be used to achieve an active residual disinfectant.

No chemical burden or chemical residues to manage – minimising impact to waterways, soil systems and plants. Chlorine dioxide used in Zychem’s range of products biodegrades to a simple salt.

Our ExStinkt product is ideal for purifying back to source water used in crop watering. Treating water with chlorine dioxide is also an effective way to reduce iron, manganese and biofilm from the water which can create dripper blockages and introduce disease in horticultural environments.

Products from both our ExStinkt and Quazyme Range are suitable for treating and cleaning pipes and hoses associated with plant spraying, dripper and misting lines to water crops. Over time, pipework can become a notorious harbinger of unhealthy bacteria including the slimy build-up of biofilm.

Highly suitable in the cleaning of propagation environments, propagation equipment and cutting tools to avoid cross contamination factors like Botrytis and mould.

Vigorous uptake by the microgreen and sprout growing sector – notoriously impacted by mould and bacteria in dense growing environments.

An excellent option for grain storage prone to environmental pollutants.

Compatible with organic farming and food processing which has become one of Australia’s fastest growing food categories.

Automated solutions? We’ve got you covered. Zychem Industries has many patented and accessible dispensing options to assist in making water management and bacteria control an everyday automated solution regardless of the size of your horticultural concern.

Why You Will Want To Use Zychem Technologies to Address All Your Sanitation Needs

We Innovate

If the right solution doesn’t exist, we’ll create it! Zychem has a long history of innovation and has developed a number of patented solutions to meet client needs, including proprietary gas infusion technology that has been used for more than 10 years. In addition, we have exclusively specialised chemical solutions.

We Are Problem Solvers

We look at your site holistically to help solve problems in the most cost effective way. Often, chemical remediation is only part of the solution. That’s why Zychem’s experienced personnel are armed with aeration, filtration and mechanical expertise to provide a comprehensive approach to each site’s particular problem.

We Have The Experience

As well as Zychem’s 25+ years of experience, we have an extensive network of skilled consultants throughout Australasia and the world who we regularly call upon to address a wide range of solutions. When you work with us you get access to wide ranging expertise.

Global Suppliers

Although headquartered in Australia, Zychem’s products are supplied widely throughout New Zealand, the Pacific Islands, Papua New Guinea, Indonesia and Malaysia.

Cost Effective Solutions

As the largest chlorine dioxide company in Australasia, we are able to consistently provide you with the most cost effective solutions to whatever your problems are.

We Are Chlorine Dioxide Specialists

We are the only chlorine dioxide specialists that supply all forms of chlorine dioxide whether that be; liquid, gas, tablet, powder or gel. Each method serves a specific purpose, meaning Zychem can achieve the optimum application every time.

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