The Only Provider of Chlorine Dioxide in all its forms

The most sophisticated, reliable and comprehensive suite of products and services throughout Australasia for 25 years.
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Innovators focused on solving your problems

Whether you have challenges with harmful water, air or surface pollutants, Zychem Technologies has a chlorine dioxide solution to fix it. Our products control dangerous bacteria, viruses, biofilm and parasites in the food you eat, the air you breathe, the water you drink and swim in and on the surfaces you touch.

Food Production Solutions

We secure the integrity of your water quality

Seafood (from wild catch to fish farm; processing & Retail); Poultry (from farm drinking water & biofilm destruction to biocide treatment in poultry processing plants and aerosol odour control); Piggery (drinking water and odour control).

Solutions for Horticulture

Eliminate damaging plant diseases and improve your bottom line

Including: irrigation in nurseries, mushroom farms, hydroponic & soil fruit & vegetable growing, processing & packaging.

Commercial Swimming Pool treatment

Ensure the safety of your patrons

Servicing: Schools, Tertiary Institutions, Hospitality, Municipal, Learn to Swim, Caravan Parks, Water Parks, Hydrotherapy, Health Spas.

Mould Treatment

Health and safety for your clients, employees and loved ones

Servicing: Office Buildings, Schools, Libraries, Halls, Theatres, Houses, Hotels, Apartments. 

We also provide odour removal in any setting!

Remote Location Potable Water Treatment

Effective water quality solutions for difficult situations

Including: Mine sites, non-reticulated water locations, Water tanks, and Emergency water supply.

Whether water, air or surface, Zychem has a solution

Our 25 year reputation for outstanding service is based on our ability to provide quality, custom designed and cost effective Chlorine Dioxide solutions.

We will give you the controls you need!

Let’s eliminate the harmful pathogens that threaten your business bottom line

We have developed an extensive and diverse range of products encompassing solids, liquid and gas to ensure we have the perfect solution for every problem.

Potable Water Treatment
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Potable Water Treatment
Meat & Poultry Processing
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Meat & Poultry Processing

Our Happy Clients

Why You Will Want To Use Zychem Technologies to Address All Your Sanitation Needs

We Innovate

If the right solution doesn’t exist, we’ll create it! Zychem has a long history of innovation and has developed a number of patented solutions to meet client needs, including proprietary gas infusion technology that has been used for more than 10 years. In addition, we have exclusively specialised chemical solutions.

We Are Problem Solvers

We look at your site holistically to help solve problems in the most cost effective way. Often, chemical remediation is only part of the solution. That’s why Zychem’s experienced personnel are armed with aeration, filtration and mechanical expertise to provide a comprehensive approach to each site’s particular problem.

We Have The Experience

As well as Zychem’s 25+ years of experience, we have an extensive network of skilled consultants throughout Australasia and the world who we regularly call upon to address a wide range of solutions. When you work with us you get access to wide ranging expertise.

Global Suppliers

Although headquartered in Australia, Zychem’s products are supplied widely throughout New Zealand, the Pacific Islands, Papua New Guinea, Indonesia and Malaysia.

Cost Effective Solutions

As the largest chlorine dioxide company in Australasia, we are able to consistently provide you with the most cost effective solutions to whatever your problems are.

We Are Chlorine Dioxide Specialists

We are the only chlorine dioxide specialists that supply all forms of chlorine dioxide whether that be; liquid, gas, tablet, powder or gel. Each method serves a specific purpose, meaning Zychem can achieve the optimum application every time.