Animal Health Range

Using chlorine dioxide may help improve your feathered or hooved friends’ health. Check out Australia’s own White Lightning!

Zychem Technologies are leaders and innovators in chlorine dioxide delivery systems throughout Australasia. We offer an exclusive and affordable product range designed specifically for the Animal Care, Animal Health and Veterinary Sector.

All products in our Animal Care Range draw on the accepted and safe science of ClO2 (Chlorine Dioxide). With extensive approvals from leading health organisations that govern ClO2’s use in human health, it was obvious we should extend the science of chlorine dioxide to the animal care sector.


Breathe Ezy is an affordable, convenient and breakthrough product in the treatment of diseases widely experienced in the Poultry sector.

Zychem introduced Breathe Ezy to the Australasian market in 2010 in response to requests from Australian poultry breeders. These breeders were motivated by the documented industry success in the USA with similar product technology.

Breathe Ezy has antibacterial properties and may improve the overall respiratory health of poultry and other avian species. This allows this product to be used for ongoing preventative results.

Available in 750ml Spray Bottles, 5L and 20L containers

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Hoof Mate is a horse owner’s gift from science. Industry approved for use with animals, it’s a reliable, affordable and easily administered treatment for Equine hoof health.

As either a therapeutic or preventative measure, Hoof Mate has been shown to be effective in improving hoof health against

Hoof Abscess

White Line disease

Thrush and Seedy Toe

Hoof Canker

Broad spectrum dermatophytosis infections

Hoof Mate are self-activating chlorine dioxide tablets that when placed in water, form a chlorine dioxide (ClO2) solution. The oxidative qualities of ClO2 are proven to potently combat bacteria, fungal and a host of other unfriendly micro-organisms with swift precision. Because it’s a liquid, it will powerfully sanitize all wound areas.

Once the Hoof Mate tablet is dissolved (15 minutes), the solution is ready to use.

Fill soaker boots and soak for 20 minutes 3 times a week for a month. Dose once a month to achieve a maintenance outcome.

Horseshoes should be removed prior to treatment and hooves thoroughly cleaned.

The added bonus with Hoof Mate is that it can be administered without expensive call out fees from animal health experts.

Available online at

AIRR – Australian Independent Rural Retailers

Tuckers Pet Stores


Veterinary hospitals and practices throughout Australia are a key industry sector benefitting from the growing awareness of chlorine dioxide (ClO2) and its fight against germs, animal disease, distinct animal odours and pathogens.

Zychem Technologies and its Zydosan cleaning range is at the forefront of this uptake which delivers gold star levels of hygiene and sanitisation. Zydosan is used in a host of animal environments including: veterinary clinics, animal surgical settings, animal confinement and holding areas, breeder’s kennels, animal shelters, catteries, canine and feline shows to name a few.

Vet practices, which are highly susceptible to parvo infections in both dogs and cats, report virtual elimination when examination tables are cleaned with Zydosan HS or AS products

Zydosan is able to be sprayed in the caged areas associated with animal holdings achieving disinfection in hard to reach areas

Australian Pesticides & Veterinary Medicines Authority (APVMA) Approval for Zydox for disinfecting, odour neutralising and removal of pathogens from animal holding rooms, kennels and animal confinement areas

100% Readily biodegradable, non-hazardous & oxidative formula

Non-flammable, phosphate free, no harsh chemicals

Odour eliminating

No perfumed masking agents

Obliterates bacteria and other harmful agents such as Staph, Salmonella, and E. Coli at their source


Zychem stocks a variety of options for safe and effective treatment of animal drinking water. In addition, we can sanitise installed animal drinker lines.

Chlorine dioxide is used in municipals worldwide to create safe drinking water for humans, why not provide the same standard of water to livestock.

Our water sanitising products are available in a variety of dosing and dispensing options – from powders, liquid to tablet form. This means we have a product solution perfect for any onsite requirements and scale of operation.