A brand new and exciting development in the chlorine dioxide industry. Each pouch contains 500g of chlorine dioxide precursor chemicals letting you save on shipping costs.

New and exclusive to Zychem’s chlorine dioxide (ClO2) product range is DiPerox – A unique breakthrough in the way ClO2 can be administered, stored and freighted – All whilst delivering the trustworthy outcomes of traditional ClO2 delivery methods. Available exclusively to Zychem customers.

DiPerox is a unique powder-based sodium chlorite blend. When dissolved in water and activated with Zydac Max, DiPerox creates a stable concentrate of chlorine dioxide – accepted worldwide as one of the most powerful and environmentally sensitive biocides.

DiPerox is suitable for a wide cross section of industry sectors. This includes the agricultural and horticultural sectors which rely on the integrity of water quality in drinker and irrigation lines for plant and animal health.

DiPerox is also poised to revolutionize swimming pool cleaning and water maintenance – Imagine a product that is more efficient than chlorine in treating pool and spa water quality but without all the problems experienced with harsh chemical by-products – No more sore, red eyes from chloramines in the water!

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DiPerox is sold in handy 500g sachets which substantially reduces freight and storage considerations. DiPerox and Zydac Max are used at a 1:1 ratio and always diluted with water, making dose calculations very easy.